Assemblage is an artistic process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects.

By far the most creative, physical, and fun assignment this year. We started this project by studying Robert Rauschenberg in a Scholastic reading, discussing his process, inspiration and materials; students were also introduced to the work of Marcel Duchamp, Jessica Stockholder, Tom Friedman and Jason Meadows. Each artist works with nontraditional materials, like we would be using,  but all have completely different approaches and aesthetics and backgrounds.

I provided some material or ‘junk’ in the classroom for students to use in their sculptures but our primary source was the Depot for Creative Reuse. With the help of parents and teachers we were able to take the class there and spend an hour sifting through copious amounts of industrial castoffs; from shower rings to flooring samples, motherboards to train sets- it was endless.  The Depot was very generous with our class and gave us a flat rate $8 per paper bag.

In the classroom students started to arrange or deconstruct and considered the assignment: transform these everyday items so that we see them in a new way. Try to create juxtapositions for the most impact and consider the symbolism of each object.


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  1. Ms. Kelly

    These are sooooooo great!! Piper, you rock. Archway kids, you are amazing! Huge high fives to all.

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