Dot Paintings

6th and 7th graders worked in the style of  Aboriginal Dot Painting to create these unique and colorful paintings. Aboriginal Dot Art originated in the desert of the Australian Outback, native Aborigines used natural substances like ochre, sand, blood, coal and plant material as ‘paint’. These raw materials were sometimes ground into a thick pasty paint or mixed with sand to color sand used in sand paintings. Our middle school students used tempera paint and q-tips to mimic the dotted style.



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7 responses to “Dot Paintings

  1. SweetFood

    I love the beautiful fire and the apple. Creative and original products!

  2. Movieblogger!

    I really like these dotted pictures!! They are sooo pretty!

  3. YAY its my dod painting! i like your blog! Thanks 4 posting my painting.

  4. lana dee

    The 6th and 7th grade art work with little dots is so cool! Oh, I am a 6th grader in your class! Ha ha! I like your blog a lot.

  5. Beadfreak

    The Aboriginal Dot Paintings look really cool and amazing.

  6. Awesome paintings, we are so talented.=)

  7. Bill

    Super paintings. I love the choice of colors and the strong forms.

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